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Mark Clemons & Ernest Walker

Mark Clemons & Ernest Walker


    • Copies of personal file on Mark Clemons and copies of correspondence. 3 photographs of Artillerymen. 3 photographs of Ernest Walker. Photograph of Albert Patrick, great uncle, who served in the Artillery and died in 1919. Photograph of Albert Walker, Worcestershire Regiment. Photograph of Frank Annsel, 15 King's Hussars.
    • Mark Clemons, grandfather of the contributor, served in the Cheshire Regiment. He enlisted in 1903 and first served in India. He was taken Prisoner of War on 29th August 1914, so was one of the first British Prisoners of War. He spent 4 years in a POW camp in Germany. Ernest Walker, grandfather of the contributors husband, was in the Staffordshire Regiment and served in Egypt during WWI. Also photographs of other family members who served: Albert Patrick (Artillery, great uncle, died 1919), Albert Walker (Worcestershire Regiment, born 1893), Frank Annsel (15th King's Hussars)





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