Company Sgt Major Harry Wells

Harry Wells


    • 2 brass shell cases with inscriptions about Harry Wells :- Shell one: Originally stamped Polte Magdebury April 1917. Engraved with "C.S.M. H. Wells, 3rd King's Own Scottish Borderers 1915 France 1919" The shell case is mottled using a hammer & nail. The reverse contains a plated flower decoration. Shell two: Originally stamped Mar. 2, 1917 Dusseldorf. Engraved with "C.S.M. H. Wells, 3rd King's Own Scottish Borderers 1915-France-1919". Sunflower plated on the reverse.
    • Harry Wells was a company sergeant major in the King's Own Scottish Borderers. He was in France looking after a German Prisoner of War camp there. He built up a friendship with a German POW and gave him cigarettes. The German fashioned two German brass shells into decorative poker holders / vases which he gave to Harry. The contributor (Harry's grandson) describes Harry as a compassionate man who went to church. Harry Wells died in 1967 and is buried in Banbury.




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