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Book belonging to G.A. Newenham Royal Air Force 2nd Lieutenant

G.A.Newenham, Prisoner of War, Limerick, Ireland


    • Book cover displaying title. Inside cover with book plate and page with name and the first pages of the text of the book
    • This book titled 'Specifications for Building Work' by R.F. Farrow, was found in the cellar of a house in O'Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland. The house doesn't belong to me. It was being cleared out and that is how the book was found. G.A. Newenahm is not known to me and I don't have any information, other than what it says on the inside of the book. The book came from the Prisoner of War book scheme and the book plate says that is for G.A. Newenham, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Air Force. There is a camp address and a register number 12860. On the other page there is a location in Cork and also a name that is crossed out - the location appears to be Parkowen, Cork It would be interesting to find out more....





  • Date:

    • 1918-03-25
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    • 2013-02-18 16:55:36 UTC


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    • Limerick city, Ireland
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