Reuben Andrews

The Warwickshire 2/7th Battalion and Reuben Andrews


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    • Reuben Andrews was the great (or great, great) uncle of the contributor, on his mother's side. He was born in Halesowen and joined the army there during WWI. Reuben Andrews, number 266924, served in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd/7th Battalion. He was killed in action on 5th December 1917 at La Vacquerie, near Gouzeaucourt, France. The Battalion moved into trenches there from Arras. For days they were under heavy bombardment and held off repeated attacks. Andrews was killed during this defence. There is a narrative in the regimental diary (Royal Warwickshire Regiment). Andrews enlisted in the 2/7 in October 1914. After training on Salisbury Plain the battalion were eventually sent to France in May 1916, sailing on the 22nd and landing at Le Havre on 23rd May 1916. From there it took trains to Beisnettes, training near Bethane and holding trenches near Le Quesncy in June 1916. They then held trenches at Fauquissart near Laventre on 15th July. On the 19th July they attacked German trenches. The battalion captured 2 lines of trenches but was forced to withdraw; this was a diversion from the Somme. The battalion remained in this area. On the 27th October 1916 the battalion moved to Calonne, then trenches near Martinsart on 2nd December 1916. From April 1917 the battalion advanced on the Hindenburg line: Monchy-Lagache to St Quentin, attacking at Fresnoy-le-Petit on 8th April 1917. The battalion was involved in the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele), moving into trenches on the canal bank near Weiljte on 26th August 1917. The battalion was bombarded with mustard gas on 4th September 1917. After being relieved on 8th September 1917 the battalion moved to Arras; the Chemical Warfare trenches. They then moved from Arras to Gouzeaucourt and then to La Vacquerie where Andrews was killed. He is commemorated on the memorial at Cambrai, a few miles away, on Panel 3: Cambrai Memorial, Louverral "no known grave".




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