Letters from Great Uncle Horace

Served on HMS Sentinel and submarine HMS E31


    • Two letters written from HMS Sentinel, Nov/Dec 1914. A photo of Horace Walter Brumbridge in uniform. Unverified photo from website www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk which may show Horace in the crew of E31 c.1918
    • Horace Walter Brumbridge was my Dad's favourite Uncle. He was on HMS Sentinel in 1914. The two letters shown here were written to Horace's sister, Rose Violet ("my dear Vi" - my paternal Grandmother), November and December of 1914. One envelope is stamped "Censored". The folded notepaper has 2 Union Jacks printed on the front. Cigarettes were clearly a welcome comfort in icy seas off West Lothian in winter, and there are other snippets giving insight into his daily life. Reference is also made to "old Bess" back at home (in Horace's brother Walter Brumridge's Dairy, in Albion Road, St Peters, Broadstairs), who was "visiting wounded Belgians every day." My Dad also noted that Horace was on submarine HMS E31. On a Google search, I found a photograph of the crew of E31, c.1918 and feel sure that Great Uncle Horace is on the back row, fourth from the right. Also there's an account at Wikipedia about HMS E31 : "HMS E31 was involved in a curious incident when she was operating with the sea plane carrier Engadine in the North Sea in an air raid on the Zeppelin sheds at Tondern on 4 May 1916. HMS E31 surfaced and spotted Zeppelin L 7. She dived to avoid attack. While at periscope depth, it was observed that the Zeppelin was losing altitude as it had been hit by shells from the light cruisers Galatea and Phaeton. HMS E31 surfaced to shoot the Zeppelin down and rescued seven survivors." ??? Horace Brumbridge died Dec 1924 (aged 29/30 years), when my Dad was aged 8 years. I recall my Dad (who died Feb 1986) saying that Horace may've been affected by the 'bends' ? Unconfirmed.





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    • 1914-12-26
    • 1914-11-09
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    • Naval Warfare



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    • Firth of Forth, West Lothian, Scotland
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    • Naval Warfare

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