Yves Paterour. Died in combat in a village that died from the war.

"Dead for France"


    • * A picture showing Yves Paterour, his mother, brother and half-sister. * The copy of the official declaration for Yves Paterour: "Mort pour la France". * A poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, speaking of the village of Tahure, which was itself a victim of the war. * A Wikipedia article about Tahure.
    • Yves Paterour was born 15 June 1884, near Quimper, Finistere, Brittany, France. Conscripted during World War I, he disappeared on the battlefield on September 25th 1915. Marie Paterour, his daughter and my grandmother has long searched. in vain, to find the exact place of his death and a mention of him in the battlefields and the military cemetaries of World War One. A document from the Quimper Tribunal declared him "Dead for France". It seems he disappeared in or close to Tahure, a community that was itself a victim of the war. Guillaume Apollinaire has immortalized the village in one of his poems "Le Poete": (.../...) Depuis dix jours au fond d'un couloir trop étroit Dans les éboulements et la boue et le froid Parmi la chair qui souffre et dans la pourriture Anxieux nous gardons la route de Tahure (.../...)





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