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J McKeown & P Hennessey

J McKeown & P Hennessey, who both survived the war


    • Leinster Regimental crest embroidered on linen, worked on while he was in hospital in Scotland following the loss of his eye. Victory medal British war medal
    • Private J McKenna, ACO 2nd Leinster Regiment A Company. Served in India, and possibly South Africa. shipped home to the Curragh and camped under canvas before being sent to France. Survived the war and lived in a Soldiers Home in Scotland, visiting Ireland regularly until his death in 1970s. Private Patrick Hennessey, Leinster Regiment, no 1322 joined up with a friend at Sackville Barracks, now Collins Barracks and sent to Aldershot and then to France. Friend he joined with died in 1st year of war. Patrick lost an eye in the fighting and was sent to hospital in Scotland. returned to service in the Labour Corps. Returned home and joined the family business of coach painters, then work at the Curragh for ESB. Died in 1963. He told the family that he was terrified of rats, and ocassionally when he was drunk he would climb onto roof of cottage thinking he was on sniper duty.





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