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Jakób Marków (Jacob Markow) WW I

Jakób Marków, Ukrainisch-Polnischer Herkunft - wurde 1893 in Skalat, Galizien geboren, diente in der KuK Armee Österreich, verstarb 1982 in New York.


    • My grandfather, Jakób Marków (Jacob Markow in the USA), was born in 1893 in Skalat, Galicia, Austria-Hungary (later part of Poland, now Ukraine), and died in New York state, USA in 1982 (he was 89 years old) . Ethnically, he was Ukrainian and Polish. In this photo, he is shown in Austrian uniform, decorated with medals. It was probably taken at the end of WW I sometime 1918 - 1919, most likely in Skalat.



  • Temporal:

    • 2011-04-05 15:16:44 UTC
    • Probably at the end of WWI (1918 - 1919)


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  • Location:

    • Skalat, Galicia, Austria-Hungary (later Poland, now Ukraine)
    • #49.42584776466857,25.97391128540039
Longitude: "25.973911"
Latitude: "49.425846"
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