Family Kihntopf

Family Kihntopf


    • Images of Michael and Edward Kihntopf at various locations. Image 1 shows Michael with a cannon group of the 5th Artillery, 9th ID. He is third from left. Image 2 shows Edward's graduating zugg. He is second standing on left. Third: athletic group, Edward first standing on left. Edward was assigned to 3rd Guard Division, Lehr Regt. Fourth image is Edward returning from patrol on 30/9/17. He is first on right standing. Image 5 is Edward(third on left standing) with his platoon on 23/10/17. Image 5 is Edward in hospital (center), undated. 6th: Edward with friend. 7th unidentified friend. 8th Edward (x overhead) with Turkish soldiers in Romania Feb. 1918. 9th In Romania with the Turks, Edard seated left, blurred. 10th Edward studio shot 11/18. Family assignments: Adolph Kihntopf: 3rd Ersatz Kompanie, IR 154, late 1918; Michael: opening war with the 5th Artillery, 9th ID and transferred to Landwehr IR 71, 215 ID in 1916 finishing the war there; Rudolph: 6Kompanie, Pioneer Rgt 29, 215th ID; Edward: 2nd Kompanie Lehr Rgt, 3rd Guard Div. until 1918 then transferred to Ukraine occupation forces til the end of war; Konstantin: Regt unknown, killed 1916 on Western Front.




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    • 2012-01-16 15:42:20 UTC
    • August 1914 - November 1918
  • Place/Time:

    • Eastern Front
    • Western Front



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    • Western and Eastern Fronts
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    • Eastern Front
    • Western Front

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