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'A kiss from your daddy.'

A 'silk' embroidered postcard with insert


    • A 'silk' postcard with insert.
    • This postcard belongs to the category known as ‘silks’ on account of its silk embroidery on a gauzy fabric. The embroidered details on this particular silk, which has been mounted within a cream border, include the legend ‘A KISS FROM YOUR DADDY’, violets, the Union Jack and the French flag (the ‘Tricolore’). The central flap can be lifted in the manner of an envelope’s flap; inside is a small rectangular card on which is printed a terrace scene surrounded by four-leafed clovers, along with the legend ‘A Loving Birthday Greetings [sic]’, with the French ‘Tricolore’ and the British Red Ensign flags being crossed in the bottom right-hand corner. On the reverse is printed ‘CARTE POSTALE’. There is a message written in pencil, which reads: ‘Dear Daughter / Just a line to let you know I have sent a P.C. to your Uncle John so with Best of Luck / I remain your loving Dad / good night tell Mamma’.





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