A separated British soldier's family.

A composite photograph of a separated family


    • A real photographic postcard combining two photographs.
    • There is nothing written on the back of this real photographic postcard to tell us where it was taken or who the subjects on the front are. What is clear, however, is that the family pictured has been separated as a result of the soldier–father’s military service. He is depicted sitting by a table, apparently reading a letter. His boots are well worn; he lacks puttees; and his hands look rather grubby. There appears to be a medal ribbon above his left-hand breast pocket, and the two stripes on his right sleeve tell us that he is a corporal. His cap rests under the table, by his right foot; the cap badge resembles that of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in shape. Inset in the top right-hand corner is a photograph of his somberly dressed wife and hat-wearing children, photographed in another photographer’s studio.





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    • 2015-12-18 14:40:42 UTC


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