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Harry Boater from Canning Town

Interview summary and photographs


    • [The interview was conducted by Age Exchange in partnership with The University of Essex and The First World War Centre –University of Hertfordshire –as part of the Children of The Great War project.] Harry Boater came from a family of seven in Canning Town, East London. On Nov 23 1914 he enlisted with the Royal Field Artillery and served in France from July 17 1915 to Oct 25 1917, and again from July 8 1918 to Feb 9 1919. During the Second Battle of the Somme in August 1918, Harry was Gassed with Mustard Gas, which later led to him receiving a Pension. On another occasion, while in charge of a gun, the gun jumped on firing and he was caught by it, receiving facial injuries from the hand spike. He was discharged on March 10 1919. Harry was photographed on horseback at Merville, this was copied by ‘a French lady’ for a painting which is now in the family. In the interview his daughters talk about the character of their father, and his enthusiasm for life. [ A joint project between Age Exchange, the University of Essex and the Everyday Lives in War FWW Engagement Centre, University of Herts. For further information, please contact Everyday Lives in War,]




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    • 1914-11-23
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