'To my Own Dear Daddy "on Service"'.

A British sentimental postcard


    • A British sentimental postcard.
    • A photograph of a sad-looking child, hands clasped in prayer, is inset within the spray of flowers and greenery that takes up half of this postcard. To the right is a heading: ‘To my Own Dear Daddy “on Service.”’ The verse below reads: ‘Dear Father, whilst you’re far from Home and country / And those you Love are all so far away / I’m always thinking of you Dearest Daddy, / And send my Love to you for every day ; / At night I ask Our Father up in Heaven / To keep you safe & bring you Home once more / Where you have such an eager welcome waiting / To greet you when you enter at the door ; / And so I send you many kisses Daddy / With lots of Love and wishes Fond and True / That you may know at Home in dear Old Blighty / Your little one is thinking still of you.’ ‘The name ‘Alleyn.’ appears to the right of the last line, with ‘BEAGLES POSTCARDS’ positioned below that; ‘659.D’ and ‘COPYRIGHT.’ have been printed on the opposite side. A message has been written in black ink in an adult hand on the reverse. It reads: ‘To my Darling Daddy. / From his Little Girlie.’ The same hand has also scrawled a date to the left of the message: ‘July 28th 1918’. The printed information on the back includes the following text: ‘PRINTED IN ENGLAND BY J. BEAGLES & CO. LTD., LONDON. E.C.’ (within the stamp box); ‘BEAGLES’ POST CARDS / BEST IN THE WORLD’ and ‘TRADE MARK’ [surrounding a logo that comprises a globe with ‘Best’ emblazoned across it]; and ‘J. Beagles & Co. Ltd., E.C., Printers & Publishers. / GUARANTEED REAL PHOTOGRAPH.’





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