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'God Bless My Soldier Daddy (4)'

A British sentimental postcard


    • A British sentimental postcard.
    • Entitled ‘GOD BLESS MY SOLDIER DADDY (4).’, this postcard is the fourth and last in a series produced, as the text on the back informs us, by ‘BAMFORTH & CO., LTD., PUBLISHERS HOLMFIRTH (ENGLAND) AND NEW YORK’, further details being ‘“SONGS” SERIES. NO. 4875/4.’ and ‘PRINTED IN ENGLAND.’. More small print on the front states, ‘BAMFORTH COPYRIGHT.’ and ‘BY KIND PERMISSION OF E. MARKS & SONS, E.C.’. The front of the postcard is divided in half. Depicted on the left-hand side is an apprehensive-looking mother embracing her daughter. The verse below them reads, ‘So don’t keep on crying, dear Mammy, / Cheer up, and keep a brave heart, / For Daddy will soon be returning, / And then we shall never part.’. On the right-hand side, mother and daughter have been joined by a soldier – the girl’s father – and all are looking happy to be together again. The verse below tells the tale: ‘At last war was over, and Daddy came home, / And happiness reigned once again, / The little girl sat on her Daddy’s knee–– / She knew she had not prayed in vain.’.





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