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Serbian Medal for Good Marksman

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    • Serbian Medal for Good Marksman
    • This medal was originally established in 1883 as a reward for good marksmanship. On one side is a shooting target with a crown above it over of a pair of crossed rifles, surrounded by a pair of laurel and oak leaf branches. The other side has the Serbian Cyrillic text 'ДОБРОМ СТРЕЛЦУ', which transliterates as 'Dobrom Strelcu', and which translates to 'Good Marksman'. It would be awarded to NCO's and enlisted men who achieved the necessary criteria in sharpshooting. After the First World War, the award continued to be given, but the design changed slightly to also include the text in Latin type as well as Cyrillic, to reflect the inclusiveness towards the other peoples of the newly-established Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, which would later become the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.





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