Serbian Order of Saint Sava

Serbian Order of Saint Sava


    • Serbian Order of Saint Sava, Fifth Class (Knight's Badge class), in original case. Miniature version of the Order of Saint Sava. Ribbon bar for the Order of Saint Sava.
    • Established in 1883, a year after Serbian became a Kingdom, the Order of Saint Sava existed in five classes and was primarily intended as a civilian award, for services to the Serbian Church, as well as for achievements in science and culture, particularly education, literature, and the arts. In late 1914, the Order of Saint Sava had its award criteria enlarged to cover military service to Serbia as well. The overall Order is in the shape of a blue and white Maltese Cross, with Serbian national emblem eagles in the corner of each pair of arms of the cross and a crown on top. One side has an iconic image of Saint Sava with text around it written around in Old Church Slavonic 'ТРѸДОМЪ СВОИМЪ ВЪСА ПРИОБРѢТЄ', which translates into English as 'One's Own Work Achieves All'. Saint Sava is the 12th century Patron Saint of Serbia and is an important figure in Serbian history: a prince, founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, first Archbishop of the same, the founder of law and literature in Serbia, a list such as this can not do justice to his life and times. The other size of the Order shows 1883, the year that the award was instituted. Awarded throughout the First World War, the Order was manufactured in France and Switzerland on the outbreak of and during the war because relations with Austrian medal makers who had previously supplied Serbia with numerous and various types of medals and orders were severed and, as with some other Serbian awards, it could take some years after the war for some recipients to receive their award. Shown here is the full size Order, Fifth Class also known as the Knight's Badge, plus it's original case with St.Sava written in Serbian Cyrillic on the top of the lid and the Swiss manufacturer, Huguenin Freres, inside the lid. Also shown is a miniature of the Order, as well as a ribbon bar.





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