Human Brotherhood Needed (Document 6 )

E.C. Warriner


    • Handwritten note proclaiming that Austria's demands are too severe.
    • Document 6 titled 'Human Brotherhood Needed'. The document was written by E.C. Warriner. The document is important because of its date of composition - August 6. 1914. Here, we see a thoughtful human being who places great faith in the peace and international arbitration movement wrestling with the reality of the war. “Human Brotherhood Needed”, the note begins. The teaching of human brotherhood was the subject of “A Course in Citizenship” which was developed by the American School Peace League and used in the public schools over which Warriner presided. Given the date of this document, it is likely that it was created in connection with Document 2 (Universal Peace and the Teaching of History) and hence with Warriner’s speech on Universal Peace and the Teaching of History given on August 7, 1914.





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    • 1914-08-06
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