Swagger Stick of the Artists Rifles

The story of inventor and illustrator Charles Folkard


    • A swagger stick with engraved head showing emblem of the Artists Rifles.
    • Charles James Folkard was a Private in the Artists Rifles. The Swagger Stick would only have been given to officers, so the stick may have belonged to Charles’ brother, Harry, who was an NCO and who also served in the Artists’s Rifles but sadly didn’t survive the war. Charles survived the war but the family believes he was invalided out – there were no obvious war injuries so the family wonder if Charles may perhaps have suffered from shell shock. Charles was also the inventor and illustrator of ‘Teddy Tail’ a cartoon mouse who appeared in Britain’s first daily cartoon strip published in the Daily Mail (first published 5th April 1915). The character was called Teddy after Charles’ son Edward. The character became so popular that other newspapers invented their own cartoon characters. Charles’ granddaughter, Hazel, found the Swagger Stick when clearing out her uncle’s house (Edward Charles Napier Folkard).





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