Small Edith Cavell loket

Small Edith Cavell loket


    • Loket of Edith Cavell.
    • In Mai 2009 E.N. Norton donated a small Edith Cavell loket to the In Flanders Fields Museum. The loket was owned by the doner's father who served in Ypres during the First World War. He serviced and looked after names during his time served. He lived all his life in whaly bridge, Darbyshire and was always proud of his war service and always did his best. Who was Edith Cavell? Edith Cavell was the World War I British nurse who is celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers in Brussels from all sides without distinction. She and Belgian and French colleagues helped over 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium. She was arrested, tried with 33 others by a German military court, found guilty of ‘assisting men to the enemy’ and shot by a German firing squad on October 12 1915.





  • Date:

    • 1915-10-12
  • Temporal:

    • 2014-10-10 13:03:11 UTC
  • Place/Time:

    • Western Front


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    • 2014-11-04
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    • 2016-07-27


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    • http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

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  • Location:

    • Belgium
    • Brussel
    • http://sws.geonames.org/2802361/
    • http://sws.geonames.org/2800866/
    • http://sws.geonames.org/2800867/
  • Place/Time:

    • Western Front
Longitude: "4.5, 4.34878, and 4.35144"
Latitude: "50.75, 50.85045, and 50.85332"

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