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'Daddy I send you a kiss'.

A British sentimental postcard.


    • A British sentimental postcard.
    • The main portion of this photographic postcard is the posed scene that shows a small boy and his mother seated at a writing table. The boy is watching intently as his mother writes a letter. To the left is a photograph of a British soldier, smoking a pipe and gazing into the distance. Printed beneath this image are the following lines: ‘Daddy I send you a kiss / A kiss and heaps of love. / And mother and I will pray Daddy. / Pray, to the dear God above. / Yes, pray for your safe return. So. Good Bye Daddy. / Kisses and heaps of love. / Louise Filby.’. The typeset details on the back of the postcard include the number ‘110’ and the words ‘Printed in England.’.





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