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From Ireland to Australia to Gallipoli: John Hannigan

"In memory of the bravest and best"


    • Three medals; Photograph; Camp Chronicles; Copy of a letter
    • My granduncle John Hannigan was from Waterford,Ireland. He moved to Australia, where he joined the Army during the WWI, he was part of the C Company 16th Battalion of Western Australia. He fought in Gallipoli, where he died on 12th December 1916. According to medical records he was shot in the chest, but a letter for his sitter, Minnie, he claimed to have been hit by a shell burst. He was buried and his fellow soldiers laid a wreath on his grave bearing the inscription "In memory of the bravest and best of the battalion".





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    • 1916-12-12
    • 1914-10-16
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    • Gallipoli Front


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