'When Daddy Comes Home 3'

A British sentimental postcard, the third in a series of four.


    • A British sentimental postcard, the third in a series of four.
    • This postcard is the third in the ‘When Daddy Comes Home’ series (reference number, as the small print on the back states, ‘SERIES NO. 4860/3’). The reverse includes two other pieces of information: ‘PRINTED IN ENGLAND’ and ‘BAMFORTH & CO., LTD., PUBLISHERS HOLMFIRTH (ENGLAND) AND NEW YORK’. Running along the bottom of the front of the card are the following details: ‘BAMFORTH (COPYRIGHT). BY KIND PERMISSION OF MESSRS. ASCHERBERG, HOPWOOD & CREW, LTD’. A small girl appears to be addressing her mother in the staged photographic scene that comprises most of the postcard’s visual element; above them, a group of soldiers operating a field gun seem to be in the thick of battle. The verse that appears below the girl and her mother reads: ‘WHEN DADDY COMES HOME (3). / Where do you say he is now, mother ? It’s out at the front, I know, / For the King and his country called him, so daddy just had to go ; / He’s gone where Briton and German meet to fight on the Belgian shore ; / Though you and I, we may want him back, they are wanting him there much more.’





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