The Hodgkinson Brothers, Sheffield

Both died in the War


    • Book, 'In Defence of the Rock' given as a prize to Frank Hodgkinson for his attendance at Langsett Road Junior School 1907. Photograph of Harry's grave after his death on the Ypres Salient and certificate from the War Office. Certificate from the War Office confirming Frank's death and commemorative poster of the cemetery in which he's buried.
    • All that Frank's family have left of him is this book, 'The Defence of the Rock' awarded as a prize to Frank Hodgkinson 31 July 1907 for attendance at school and the information sent from the War Office showing his death at 19. His brother Harry also died at age 21 in 1918 and the family have a copy of the information sent by the War Office and photographs of his grave in France.





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