Tom Alexander killed at Passchendaele in artillery barrage

Artists Rifles, attached to the 2nd London Regiment (part of the RN division)


    • Company framed photograph. Caption title above frame: Machine Gun Corps Cadet Btn., Pirbright March 1917. Text inscribed on photograph itself: C.Coy, No. 2 Cadet BTN, 2nd course, March 1917. Photograph of Tom Henry Alexander in uniform. Photograph of the Alexander family when Tom was a boy.
    • Tom Henry Alexander, born January 1898, joined the Artists Rifles, which was attached to the 2nd London Regiment (part of the RN division). He was posted to France in 1917, and killed in action on October 30 1917 whilst attacking two concrete German machine gun emplacements, thigh deep in mud at Passchendaele. They were hit by a 100 yard sq artillary barrage, and casualties were approximately 80 per cent. Tom was sent to carry a message detailing the carnage, and was hit by a fragment to the head and died instantly. The following night, under cover of darkness, the machine gun positions were captured without loss of life by eleven men and one officer. The battle was won approximately four days later. This happened near to the Poelkapelle Road during the attack on Varlet Farm. His family never recovered from his loss.





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    • 1917-10-30
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    • Western Front


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    • Passchendaele, Belgium
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    • Western Front

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