Rachel Blyth, Queen Mary's Auxillary Army Corps

Fred Bowes (East Yorkshire Regiment) Medals


    • church medal (Methodist Missionary Society Distiguished Service Order) 1914-1918 service medal (Queen Mary's Auxillary Army Corps) Letter and xmas card from someone in Royal Flying Corps, perhaps her cousin Jim Blyth Two dance tickets with names, dance partners and names of tunes. Two letters to Ray from Jim Blyth (her cousin) Letter from Ray to Jim titled "my diary" 26 August 1918, Letter to Ray, some money from France (4 coins and one note) Medals from John Bowes's uncle Fred from Crewe, who was a Sergeant, plus 3 other medals
    • Two stories from the same submission form. 1.One is about Irene Bowes's aunty, Rachel Blyth (not a blood relation). She was a friend of Irene's grandmother and was in the Queen Mary's Auxillary Army Corps (to 1918 called the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, and must have served in France. She was known as "Ray". It is thought that most of the images relate to her story. They include letters, dance cards, greetings cards and two of her medals, with QMAAC on the sides. The collection also includes a medal with JMC, DSC and "Zeal for Christ" embossed on it(the Methodist Missionary Society Distiguished Service Order), which it is assumed belonged to Rachel. She never spoke about her service. She was cited as a worker, probably something like a cook. There is some correspondence with her cousin Jim Blyth, who was in the Flying Corps. She never married. 2. The other is about John Bowes's uncle, Fred Bowes, of the East Yorkshire Regiment, 19504. The items include the British Campaign medal set (but also a medal unrelated to WW1).





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