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Alfred Baker - life saved by Bible

Alfred Baker - life saved by Bible


    • Images of the covers and 6 other pages of the Bible. Photograph of Alfred, plus sister, parents and grandchildren in 1912. 8 embroidered postcards that Alfred sent to his mother. Some include card inserts and those images have been captured as well.
    • This is the New Testament Bible that belonged to Alfred Baker. He had the Bible in a breast pocket and it saved his life from a bullet in 1916. He gave it to his niece, Annie Jacques, exactly a year later. It is inscribed on cover page verso "10/10/17. To Annie from Uncle Alfred. Was carried by Him through the Great War. In France. Please Don't Part with it. As it was the means of Saving Uncles Life When he was shot 10/10/16". Annie Jacques was the niece, who was the grandmother of the contributor, Susan Linfoot.





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    • 1916-10-10
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