George Alexander Mitchell - Imperial Australian Force

How my Grandparents met in WW1


    • Margaret's autograph book, Photograph of Margaret and George's wedding day, Australian Imperial Force cap badge, Australian Imperial force 1914/15 medal, Employers medal awarded by the mining company who ran Abermain Colliery to the men who had served it is inscribed on the back with his details, George's Australian passport used upon re-immigration.
    • My Grandfather George Alexander Mitchell emigrated to Australia to work as a miner in Ipswich near Brisbane around 1910/11 and joined the Imperial Australian Force July 27 1915.He was sent to fight on the Western Front for the duration. During his leave he returned to his Mother's home in Lochore in Fife and there met Margaret Selby who later became his wife. George returned to Australia in March 1919 to be "demobbed" and then re-emigrated to Scotland in March 1920. Margaret and George married in August 1920.




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