Story of Thomas Mahoney in the American army.

Emigrant from Co. Clare


    • Three forms are connected with this story. The forms are photocopies of Thomas Mahoney's registration card, his naturalisation card, and his death certificate from the United States of America. From looking at the copies of the original forms, they appear to be in good condition.
    • My great uncle Thomas Mahoney was originally from the west of County Clare in Ireland. He was born on April 30th 1887. In 1907 he emigrated from Co. Clare to America because he was living in poverty. He was drafted into the American army in Iowa on June 5th in 1917. During his time in the American army he was stationed in Fort Bliss in Texas and he had joined the 64th US infantry. A few years later, he died on April 1st 1923 in the veteran hospital in Chicago possibly from injuries inflicted during the war.




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