'When Daddy Comes Home 1'

'When Daddy Comes Home', 1/4, a British sentimental postcard


    • A British sentimental postcard, the first in a series of four.
    • This is the first of a series of four postcards entitled ‘When Daddy Comes Home’, published, according to the printed information on the back, by ‘BAMFORTH & CO., LTD., PUBLISHERS HOLMFIRTH (ENGLAND) AND NEW YORK’; other details include ‘SERIES NO. 4860/1’ and ‘PRINTED IN ENGLAND’. The posed scenario on the front shows a girl and her mournful-looking mother sitting at a table. Soldiers mounted on horseback can be seen through the window. Running along the bottom is the following verse: ‘WHEN DADDY COMES HOME (1). / How long ago is it now, mother, since daddy first went away ? / It seems such ages to me, dear, for I’m missing him every day ; / And when, with bugles and drums that beat, the soldiers come marching by, / I think of him and I try to cheer, yet somehow I want to cry.’. The small print beneath the verse reads: ‘BAMFORTH (COPYRIGHT). BY KIND PERMISSION OF MESSRS. ASCHERBERG, HOPWOOD & CREW, LTD’.





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