Joseph Charles Chambers

Irish man joined the American "Fighting 69th" Irish Regiment


    • The story of Joseph Charles Chambers who was my maternal grandmother's first husband
    • Joseph Charles Chambers ("Charlie ) was born in Dublin in 1894. He married my grandmother, Alice Quinn, in City Quay Church, Dublin on 25 August 1915. He then travelled to New York without his wife. When the United States joined in the war Charlie joined the "Fighting 69th" Irish Regiment and came back to Europe where he was killed in the Battle of the River Ourcq near Rheims, France. He is buried in Oise-Aisne American Cemetry, Fere-en-Tardenois. My grandmother, Alice, married my grandfather, Patrick Cregan in 1920 in the same church where she had married Charlie. My mother did not know that her mother had been married twice until after Alice's death in 1972.





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    • 1918-07-28
    • 1915-08-25
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    • Western Front


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    • Western Front

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