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A separated British soldier's family reunited in a photograph.

A separated soldier's family photographed in Tottenham


    • A composite photograph.
    • This postcard is a composite portrait of a family of four, made by combining a studio photograph of a bespectacled mother and her two children and a photograph of the children’s soldier–father, which has been inserted above them. The mother’s jewellery – a necklace and two rings on her wedding finger – is particularly noticeable, as are the worn soles of the toddler’s shoes. The soldier–father sports a fine moustache and holds a swagger stick. There is a row of medal ribbons on his chest. The details of the badges on his cap and shoulders are a little too indistinct to enable the identification of his regiment. Stamped on the back of this photographic postcard are the details of the photographer that produced it: ‘A. E. BROWN / 700 HIGH ROAD; TOTTENHAM [in north London]’.





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    • Tottenham
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