From basket maker to munition carrier

Story of cartridge and shell baskets used in the Great War and the World War II


    • The Powerpoint - pdf tells the story behind the cartridge and shell baskets used in the Great War and the World War II.
    • In the Great War the Germans used ammunition carry baskets for the supply of cartridges and shells. If the terrain at the front was not accessible for wagons, the mules and soldiers had to carry the cartridges to the gun. Surprising is that in the Great War only the Germans used carry baskets. Not the French or the British. At this moment it is not clear why the Germans still used shell baskets in World War II for their 15 cm caliber "schwere Feld Haubitse 1918". These baskets were also made in occupied countries like the Netherlands for the German Wehrmacht. So the basket makers avoided forced labor in Germany. The pdf of a powerpoint shows the story behind some ammunition baskets and related objects of the artillery.




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