Two soldiers killed on the same day in 1918 - their sisters' descendants would later marry

Two Belgian soldiers


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    • Hector Alidor Lesage from Beselare (brother of Cyriel Camiel Lesage who also died during WWI and who is buried in Paris) voluntarily joined the Belgian army during WWI after his brother's death. On September 28, 1918 he was killed together with many other Belgian soldiers during the final battle against the Germans that would result in the final victory. One of these soldiers was Maurice Florimond Verhaeghe from Harelbeke. The blood of Maurice and Hector was spilled on the same battle field on the same day. Hector is buried at the war cemetery of Houthulst, the body of Maurice was never found. Hector had a sister called Irma. Maurice had a sister called Zozyma. Later the son of Irma, whose name was incidentally also 'Maurice', would marry the grand-daughter of Zozyma. This marriage would result in one son, namely Nico Felicien Declercq, the name 'Nico' stands for 'victory' in Greek and is an unconscious reminder of the battle for victory during which both men have died ... history has deployed as it did without anyone being aware of this curiosity.




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    • 1918-09-28
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    • Western Front


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    • Houthuls
    • Houthulst
    • #50.9773837,2.945669299999963
    • http://sws.geonames.org/2795256/
    • http://sws.geonames.org/2802361/
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    • Western Front
Longitude: "2.9456694 and 2.89858"
Latitude: "50.977383 and 50.9637"

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