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Main Street, Linby, by TC Moore, c 1900 | Donna Nicoll


    • The artist, Thomas Cooper Moore (1827 - 1901), was a nineteenth century painter, watercolourist and pen and ink artist who first trained as an architect before dedicating himself to art. He was mainly self taught in this field but later started the first sketching class in Nottingham and was a founder of the Nottingham Society of Artists. Most of Moore's landscapes were produced in or around the Nottingham area. During this time and later in the nineteenth century his art was exhibited in Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and London. T. C. Moore was also the father and teacher of Claude T. S. Moore (1853-1901), who became very well known for his paintings and watercolours of the Thames and other river views. A number of Thomas Cooper Moore's drawings and watercolours are housed in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. There are many more of his sketches to be seen on this web-site. (Photographic copy of a watercolour sketch.)




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