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Phyton, Annales Rei Botanicae, Horn 36_3 (1996) | Agerer Reinhard, Batic Franc, Bavcon Joze, Besendorfer V., Blaschke Helmut, Bocic Mojca, Bogataj Nevenka, Busch W., Bytnerowicz Andrzey, Chmelikova Ewa, Costacurta Antonia, Cudlin Pavel, Cufar Katarina, Druskovic Blanca, Gaborvsek Karin, Gogala Nada, Grill Dieter, Guttenberger Helmut, Hanke David E., Herrmann R. G., Hohmann U., Jacimovic Radojko, Javornik Branka, Jeran Zvonka, Jung Thomas, Jurc Dusan, Jurc Maja, Kalan Polona, Kovac Marko, Kraigher Hojka, Krc Janez, Krizaj Bojana, Krsnik-Rasol Marijana, Littvay T., Lucas Peter W., Magan Naresh, Marschner Horst, Martin R., Matthies Dietmar, Mayrhofer Helmut, Morgante Michele, Müller Maria, Olivieri Angelo M., Oven Primoz, Papes Drazena, Peskan T., Pfeiffer Antonella, Ribaric Lasnik C., Robek Robert, Rogina Davorin, Rogl S., Sheppard L. J., Simoncic Primoz, Sinkovic Tomaz, Smith Mark K., Smodis Borut, Stupar Janez, Tausz Michael, Torelli Niko, Vodnik Dominik, Wanner G., Wolfenden Jenny, Zoldos V.


    • Inhaltsverzeichnis: Michael Tausz, Franc Batic, Dieter Grill: Bioindication at Forest Sites - Concepts, Practice and Outlock. 7- 14. Andrzey Bytnerowicz: Physiological Aspects of Air Pollution Stress in Forests. 15- 22. L. J. Sheppard: How Reproducible are the Reactions of Stress Indicators for Sitka Spruce Treated with Acid Mist? 23- 30. Michael Tausz, Dieter Grill, Helmut Guttenberger: The Use of Physiological Parameters of Spruce Needles as a Bioindication Tool. 31- 34. Niko Torelli, Katarina Cufar, Primoz Oven: Bioelectrical Characteristization of Tree Conditions and Slime Cells in the Bark as Possible Symptoms of Silver Fir Decline. 35- 38. Bojana Krizaj, Janez Stupar: Potassium Content in Living Bark, Cambium and Wood in Relation to Electrical Resistance and Tree Condition in the Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.). 39- 42. C. Ribaric Lasnik, Franc Batic, Dieter Grill: Investigation of Physiological Responses in Norway Spruce Needles to Natural and Anthropogenic Factors. 43- 46. Joze Bavcon, Nada Gogala: The Influence of UV-B Irradiation on the Mitotic Activity in Picea abies (L.) Karst.. 47- 50. Peter W. Lucas, Jenny Wolfenden: The Role of Plant Hormones as Modifiers of Sensitivity to Air Pollutans. 51- 56. Hojka Kraigher, David E. Hanke: Cytokinins in Norway Spruce Seedlings and Forest Soil Pollution. 57- 60. Horst Marschner: Mineral Nutrient Acquisition in Nonmycorrhizal and Mycorrhizal Plants. 61- 68. Pavel Cudlin, Ewa Chmelikova: Degradation and Restoration Processes in Crowns and Fine Roots of Polluted Montane Norway Spruce Ecosystems. 69- 76. Dominik Vodnik, Mojca Bocic, Nada Gogala, Karin Gaborvsek: Growth Response of Ectomycorrhizal Norway Spruce Seedlings Transplantated on Lead-Polluted Soil. 77- 80. Primoz Simoncic, Polona Kalan: Annual Pattern of Sulphur Content in Spruce Needles from Heavily and Less Polluted Areas. 81- 84. Franc Batic, Helmut Mayrhofer: Bioindication of Air Pollution by Epiphytic Lichens in Forest Decline Studies in Slovenia. 85- 90. Zvonka Jeran, Radojko Jacimovic, Borut Smodis, Franc Batic: The Use of Lichens in Atmospheric Studies in Slovenia. 91- 94. Thomas Jung, Helmut Blaschke: Phytophthora Root Rot in Declining Forest Trees. 95- 102. Naresh Magan, Mark K. Smith: Isolation of the Endophytes Lophodermium piceae and Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii from Sitka Spruce Needles in Poor and Good Growth Sites and in vitro Effects of Environmental Factors. 103- 110. Maja Jurc, Dusan Jurc, Nada Gogala, Primoz Simoncic: Air Pollution and Fungal Endophytes in Needles of Austrian Pine. 111- 114. Hojka Kraigher, Reinhard Agerer, Franc Batic: Types of Ectomycorrhizae and Mycobioindication of Forest Site Pollution. 115- 120. R. G. Herrmann, W. Busch, U. Hohmann, G. Wanner, R. Martin: Molecular and Cytogenetic Mapping of Plant Genomes. 121- 128. Michele Morgante, Antonella Pfeiffer, Antonia Costacurta, Angelo M. Olivieri: Molecular Tools for Population and Ecological Genetics in Coniferous Trees. 129- 138. Helmut Guttenberger, Maria Müller, Dieter Grill: Cytogenetic Studies on Norway Spruce [Picea abies (L.) Karst.]. 137- 154. V. Besendorfer, V. Zoldos, T. Peskan, Marijana Krsnik-Rasol, T. Littvay, Drazena Papes: Identification of Potential Cytogenetical and Biochemical Markers in Bioindication of Common Oak Forests. 139- 146. Tomaz Sinkovic, Franc Batic, Branka Javornik, Helmut Guttenberger: Detection of Interspecies Hybrids in Plants by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization, Using Total Genomic DNA as a Probe. 155- 158. S. Rogl, Branka Javornik, Tomaz Sinkovic, Franc Batic: Characterization of Oak (Quercus L.) Seed Proteins by Electrophoresis. 159- 162. Davorin Rogina, Blanca Druskovic: The Influence of Altitude and Exposition on the Degree of Cytogenetic Damage to Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) in Slovenia. 163- 166. Marko Kovac: Ten Years of Forest Decline Inventory in Slovenia - an Overview. 167- 170. Nevenka Bogataj: Some Aspects of Interpretation of Forest Trees Defoliation Data. 171- 174. Janez Krc: Application of Forest Inventory Databases in Computer Simulations. 175- 180. Robert Robek, Dietmar Matthies: Soil and Tree Disturbances Due to Forest Operations - an Unresolved, Interdisciplinary Issue. 181- 185. : . : The Use of Lichens in Atmospheric Studies in Slovenia. . : Characterization of Oak (Quercus L.) Seed Proteins by Electrophoresis.



  • Date:

    • 1996
  • Period:

    • 4 quarter of the 20th century



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