Europeana Fashion
Runway Archive: World's End a/w 1983-84
7 July, 2017

World's End a/w 1983-84 fashion show, photo by Paul van Riel. Photo © Paul van Riel / HH.

Two models are running on the catwalk of the World's End a/w 1983-84 show, the first looking back at the fellow while he is kicking air. Their careless attitude reflects that of their clothes, two oversized ensembles in denim, composed of a buttoned jacket and baggy jeans, tied to the wast with a knitted belt in blue and green. On their hands they are wearing gloves white as their trainers, and customized with three tongues; on of them, is sporting a bag on his shoulder.

The collection, the result of a collaboration between 'World's End' founders Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren and artist Keith Haring, was titled 'Witches'. The titled referred to the resemblance to hyerogliphs and and magic signs of the art of Keith Haring's, who designed the prints and the patterns of the jacquard knitted pieces. The collection mixed the rebellious spirit of the British punk with the streetwear looks of the New York hip-hop scene, signalling one of the most memorable collaboration between art and fashion.