Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Gen. 1 : Adamnanus de Iona, Vita Columbae

This manuscript from the island monastery of Iona (Hy) in Scotland contains the oldest and best surviving version of the biography of the Irish saint Columba, composed between 608 and 704. In this work, Adamnan, the ninth abbot of Iona, tells the life story of monastery founder Columba (Columcille in Old Irish), who lived from 519/522 to 597. This manuscript can be dated to the time between the wr…

˜Theœ life of St. Columba, founder of Hy
Vita S. Columbae - BSB Clm 6341. Vita S. Silvestri
Life of Saint Columba, founder of Hy
St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 555 : Vita sancti Columbae