Vue Prise a Calcutta [bridge at Tolly's Nullah]

Lithograph of the new bridge over Tolly's Nullah
at Calcutta by L.P.A. Bichebois after an original drawing by B.
Lauvergne. Plate 88 of Auguste Nicholas Vaillant's 'Voyage autour
du Monde ... 1836 et 1837... sur la Bonite' published in Paris and
London between 1840-52. Colonel William Tolly wanted to create a
functioning canal in the city by enlarging the dried-up bed of the
Kidderpore Creek, to f…

'View of Moorshedabad [Murshidabad] from Moradbaug'. Aquatint, drawn and engraved by James…
'Chandernagore'. Drawn and engraved by James Moffat, published Calcutta, 1800
'South view of Chinsura'. Aquatint with etching by and after James Moffat, published Calcu…
Panorama of Calcutta. Section 4