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Bourdin, Michel (7 of 8). Food: From Source to Salespoint

Part 7: MB returns to Maxims to work as a international ambassador for Maxims. Explains how he met the general manager of The Connaught Hotel what appealed to him. He mentions that he went for a weeks trial explains that the prices were low because the Connaught was considered as a club MB discusses the changes he began to implement (training, increasing prices) (00.07) explains the restaurant scene in London in the1970s (00.09) how he chose apprentices to train at the Connaught. Mentions his attitude when he first took the job food costs when he first joined the hotel (00.12) explains how he turned this around during his tenure. (00.14) Languages spoken in his kitchen in the Connaught anecdote about the Queen Mother. (00.16) Discusses making crab bisque. (00.18) Discusses in detail how he began to review the menu at the Connaught: describes in detail the existing menu and how he adapted it. (00.24) Discusses the use of names of dishes. (00.27) Discusses how the dishes oftentimes reflected celebrated customers of the hotel (00.29) discusses a dish with quail eggs, which was then widely copied. (00.30) MB discusses his attitude to criticism and how he learnt from it. (00.32) His preference for using wild salmon relationship with the Troisgros family and how MB named a dish for Jean Troisgros. (00.34) How he used the liquor from crustaceans to make a new sauce describes making the sauce. (00.36) Discusses the turbot that featured on his menu how the dish was a classic of traditional French restaurants discusses classic versus new, how he prefers executing classical dishes well. (00.40) Discusses a dish and how it came to be called My Way. Describes in detail the different Plat du Jour. [00.46] Describes in detail the cold dishes served at The Connaught [00.48 mention the desert section, how MB named a dessert after the long serving pastry chef, Wally Lad. [00.49] A visit from the reviewer Quentin Crewe discusses sweet and savoury dishes on The Connaught menu. Mentions how this extensive menu was a challenge. [00.52] How they reassessed their menu after having lost one of their Michelin stars how they prioritised their customers. Explains why The Connaughts menu was so extensive the legacy of Escoffier.