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Sillars, David (1 of 10). Food: From Source to Salespoint

Part 1: Tape 1 Side A: Comment on David Sillars [DS] birth in Dunbarton, Scotland; first born of 7 children; description of parents factory jobs; family background. Comment maternal grandfather founder member of Communist party in Clydeside, 1918; DSs working class pedigree; parents apolitical. Description of grandfather: shipyard worker, played with DS, talked about political beliefs, prisoner of war. Comment on maternal grandmother: died young, lovely woman, apolitical; only knew paternal grandmother, seemed more affluent than other granny. Comment on parents relationship; first home in tenement in Whiteinch; strong work ethic of family; parents working very long hours; quite strict. Description of tenement home; chaotic household; birth dates of siblings; not materially deprived; awareness now that others worse off; parental aspirations for children following own limited education. Comment on parents focus on family rather than politics; children sent to Sunday school; parents not religious; mention of DSs uncertain beliefs about God, remark now atheist. Comment on largely enjoyable experience of local schooling; DS responsible for siblings; developing leadership skills; success in exams. Description of new house in Clydebank from age of 8; first proper bath; washing routine in old house; comment on mothers high domestic standards; discussion of family planning. Description of new house (continued); DSs excitement about facilities; cost of council housing; DSs progress to High School; description of DSs work as milk delivery boy.